Some of the facts are these: I was born in Gibraltar and lived there until I was sixteen, when I was sent to a boarding school in England to do my A levels. I stayed on to university (King's College London) and a couple of years later my parents and sister Lesley emigrated to join me in London.

I was influenced to read contemporary poetry by the late Professor Eric Mottram at King's, and so became involved in the London post-avant poetry and small press scene from the late 1970s. I was also writing and publishing short stories in such magazines as Transatlantic Review and Emma Tennant's Bananas.

There's a Wikipedia entry on me that someone compiled, heavily biased towards my poetry and publishing activities. It's mostly accurate (I have updated it slightly), if incomplete. For more about my published writing, which has in the past few years moved back from verse to prose, see elsewhere on this site.

After co-editing Alembic magazine, I went on to found and run Reality Studios magazine, publishing experimental writing of all kinds, between 1978-88. The Reality Studios imprint merged with Wendy Mulford's Street Editions to form Reality Street in 1993. Wendy retired from publishing about five years later, and I have run Reality Street, which publishes innovative poetry and prose, on my own since then. Reality Street no longer publishes new titles. In 2019 I started a new imprint with Brian Marley, in the first instance publishing our own prose writing: Grand Iota. This is now a developing story: we're starting to publish a wider range of prose writers from the UK and the US.

After leaving college (I later trained as a teacher at Goldsmiths but never got into that profession), I worked briefly in publishing, then spent three or four years working in short-life housing, including a brief spell founding and participating in a writers' and artists' commune at Lower Green Farm, Orpington. Then I had a job for eight years in a small south London project supporting work with single homeless people, before moving into journalism, first with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, and then throughout the 1990s as a freelance layout sub-editor and occasional feature writer. From 1998 until 2014 I edited house journals for the NSPCC and the Royal College of Nursing.

I married Elaine Randle in 1999. In 2004 we moved from London to Hastings, and subsequently St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, where we now live in a house full of music. (For my musical activities, see elsewhere on this site.)

There is more to come, I hope.

(footnote:)  For those who have googled me – the Ken Edwards Building at Leicester University is not, sadly, named after me, but I hope to visit it one day.

Also – I am not, repeat NOT the author/illustrator of the ghastly My Little Pony books.

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