The phenomenon has been observed and it is concluded that it poses a significant threat. There can be no certainty about it but there is a widespread perception that this is the case. There are indications of something impending. It is commonly perceived to be a threat. There has been extensive analysis and there can be little doubt. Extensive analysis confirms what has been widely feared for some time. Researchers confirm that there has been a steady growth in threats such as this over the past year predicted to result in a sharp upturn in the final quarter. Analysts have crunched the data and it is now believed that the threat could increase significantly in the immediate future. The source of the threat cannot be localised. It could arise at any of the cardinal points either within major conurbations or from relatively undeveloped areas. Vigilance should be maintained. The timeline predicts a number of causes for suspicion and complacency should be avoided. Vigilance must be maintained at all times and at all costs. It is recommended that any complacency should be avoided in the medium and long term as this could result in significant harm. The exact location and nature of the threat are currently the subject of further research but there can be little room for doubt that this is a cause for concern. The findings make an increasingly detailed picture of how current developments in tandem with existing fault lines pose a much more direct threat than we have seen hitherto and there are warnings of sweeping consequences to life and livelihood. An effective threat reduction programme as part of a coherent strategy is recommended although risk analysis suggests that it may already be too late for completely effective and appropriate action in response. Security must be a major concern. The geographical scope of the threat is widening on a daily basis. The situation is degrading by the day. A threat intelligence platform that manages the entire life-cycle of threat intelligence from multi-source acquisition to actionable operations across the entire eco-system of existing security devices is recommended but there is no certainty that this would be a viable long-term solution. More research is needed.

from A book with no name - work in progress 


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